Patches are programs that fix bugs, balance the game and sometimes even add new content.

Two patches were released for Borderlands: a patch for console versions, and a patch for PC versions of the game.

This is the complete patch history for all versions and platforms of Borderlands.

Patch 1.20 / Patch 1.0.1

360 PS3 PC Details
1.20 1.20 1.0.1 Patch Version
Forum Forum Forum Official patch release notes from Gearbox Forums
2009-10-30 2009-10-30 2009-11-16 Release date
Yes Yes No Load times have been improved.
Yes Yes Yes Lilith's Phase Strike ability (and melee attacks from Phase Walk) now works as intended.
Yes Yes No Fixed a bug which caused players and other things in the world to appear incorrectly on clients in networked games.
Yes Yes No Fixed a bug in which players gibbed in arena combat disappeared.
Yes Yes No Fixed a bug which caused the dollars counter to spin continuously.
Yes Yes No Fixed a bug that caused the digger elevator to be unusable after completing the Find Tannis mission.
Yes Yes No Weapon mapping to the D-pad should no longer reverse left and right.
Yes Yes No Various localization and other text and tooltip corrections.
Yes Yes Yes The introductory quests with CL4P-TP should now always progress properly all the time.
No Yes No Fixed a crash when ejecting the disc during the autosave warning splash screen.
No Yes No Players in a lobby should no longer experience long loading when starting a game after one player leaves.
No No Yes Characters that have lost skill points will have the lost points refunded
No No Yes Clients will no longer lose proficiency progress upon leaving a co-op game
No No Yes Item cards now display the intended five lines of detail text
No No Yes Voicechat: users can now control volume and individually mute players
No No Yes Server browser population times have been improved
No No Yes Server information should now always display the correct plot mission
No No Yes Benchmarking feature now works as intended
No No Yes Nvidia 3D Vision visuals now render shadows correctly (requires minimum 195.28 drivers, available from nVidia)

Patch 2009-12-11 / Patch 1.02 / Patch 1.2.0

360 PS3 PC Details
2009-12-11 1.02 1.2.0 Patch Version
Forum Forum Forum Official patch release notes from Gearbox Forums
2009-12-11 2009-12-16 2010-01-07 Release date
Yes Yes No Characters that have lost skill points will have them returned the next time they are loaded
Yes Yes Yes Most instances involving character data loss when playing online should no longer occur.
Yes Yes 1.0.1 Item cards now display the intended five lines of text.
Yes Yes No Achievements/Trophies should now unlock properly. Players should automatically receive achievements/trophies that did not unlock correctly.
Yes Yes Yes Fixed a progression issue in the Find Steele mission - characters affected by this issue should now be able to continue progressing.
Yes Yes Yes Some issues involving external data manipulation of the backpack and character level have been addressed.
Yes Yes No The auto-aim option should now fully disable auto-aim properly.
Yes Yes Yes Fixed a bug that kept challenges and achievements from unlocking for the rest of a session after visiting arenas.
Yes Yes Yes Fixed some formatting issues with the server list screen.
Yes Yes Yes Fixed an issue causing servers to report the incorrect plot mission.
Yes Yes Yes Proficiency progress to the next level should no longer be lost when leaving a multiplayer game as a client.
Yes Yes No Lilith's "Silent Resolve" skill now works as intended.
Yes Yes Yes Fixed a bug that allowed Mordecai to spawn multiple Bloodwings.
Yes Yes Yes Mordecai's "Loaded" skill now increases mag capacity by 20%.
Yes Yes Yes Roland's "Scattershot" skill has had its spread adjustment corrected, and damage now increases at +5 per level.
No Yes Yes Improved the speed of refreshing the server browser.
No Yes No Resolved an issue that caused optical audio to stutter.
 ?  ? Yes Support for DLC2 added

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