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Official Patch Notes

  • Level cap increase of 8 levels.
  • End game players that have completed play-through #2 will see enemies scale to the new levels up to the new level cap.
  • Item drops (with the exception of COM Decks) will also scale with higher level enemies to the new level cap.
  • This Title Update features the highest level weapons to date.
  • Other fixes, including DLC4 Achievement/Trophy glitches that have affected some users will be corrected to properly award players for obtaining these achievements no matter which order they were completed in.

Wiki Notes

  • On the Xbox360, the Modded level 70 characters have been patched and reduced to level 69. But modded weapons, shields and items have not been removed.
  • The Mac version is based on the final 1.4.1 Windows version.
  • The Windows PC 1.4.1 is the only version that is network compatible with the Macintosh OS X GOTY edition.


  • Early media releases concerning this patch referred to it as 1.5.0, however the patch was later redesignated 1.4.1 [1]
  • On the PS3 platform this Patch is still called 1.5.0

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