A gun only available via a mod on the Xbox 360 version of the Borderlands game. It resembles a sniper without a scope, body, grip, or stock. It has infinite ammo plus a "bottomless clip". It fires a large and seemingly long burst of fire which will end after about 15 seconds or if the player initiates a melee attack. When shot at an enemy (or in a friendly duel) the player goes across the map and possibly out of the map.


  • It deals 10x11 damage per bullet which can kill just about anything at close range and damage heavily at long range.
  • Along with its burst of fire comes accuracy issues. After about 1 second of firing, however, some bullets will fire straight down, making it a bad choice compared to other guns.


  • Due to its extremely high bullet velocity the Peashooter is capable of knocking back targets a considerable distance. This allows for a glitch wherein two players duel and one is shot with the Peashooter whilst in mid-air, launching them extremely far and potentially out of the map. There is a known glitch of getting Skagzilla out of his pen using the Peashooter.
  • "Peashooter" was a title for Repeater Pistols, presumably removed before release, that gave low damage to the weapon. A part from this type of weapon is presumably used in giving the Peashooter its low damage as well as its name. (Information obtained from the official Borderlands guide)
Borderlands - Most Burst Weapon (pea shooter)04:19

Borderlands - Most Burst Weapon (pea shooter)

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