Pyro Pete the Invincible is a raid boss exclusive to Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. He is a stronger version of Pyro Pete, and can be summoned by using the "Raid Post" found in his old arena underneath Pyro Pete's Bar, located in The Beatdown, once the main story missions been completed. The mission to kill him, appropriately named Pete the Invincible, is given by Mad Moxxi.

Accessing Pete costs 8 Eridium. Since he is classified as a Seraph Guardian, defeating Pete in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode will yield Seraph Crystals. Pete has very high chances to drop the Hoplite, O-Negative and Big Boom Blaster.



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  • Pyro Pete the Invincible reuses battle dialog from his Pyro Pete incarnation. This includes a small number of lines which are no longer appropriate after completing the DLC's main story mission such as, "I will open the vault!"
  • Pete has a chance to drop: