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Gentlemans Pimpernel
"Sink me! Your tailors have betrayed you!"
Manufacturers: Maliwan
Type: Sniper Rifle
Model: Pimpernel
Element: Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, or Slag
Game Borderlands 2
Special Part(s):
[Pimpernel Variants]

The Pimpernel is a unique aftermarket Maliwan sniper rifle that appears exclusively in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. Pimpernel is obtained from the mission Don't Copy That Floppy located in Washburne Refinery.

Special Weapon Effects

Sink me! – When the bullet impacts it splits into five elemental energy balls that arc upward from the point of impact for additional damage. These orbs each deal the same damage as the original projectile.

Usage & Description

Each shot from the Pimpernel produces a scatter of five energy balls, arcing upward and outward that distribute evenly in a horizontal plane (parallel with the ground) from the point of impact. Though each does a lower amount of damage than the initial bullet, the damage is dealt in addition to the base bullet damage. As the damage of each energy ball is approximately one-third the damage of the bullet, this can nearly triple the damage output of the weapon without factoring in critical hits. It also dramatically increases the chance of inflicting an elemental status effect, or even multiple status effects at once.

The true advantage of the Pimpernel lies in its ability to strike a target for multiple critical hits with one shot. loaders are particularly vulnerable to this, as a shot to one of the leg joints will frequently result in critical hits to the eye or arm joints, in addition to the critical hit from shooting the leg joint. Furthermore, while the base damage of each energy ball is lower than the initial projectile, critical hit damage is not. This results in a significant increase in effective damage output if a shot results in multiple critical hits, especially if the weapon has the "Gentleman's" prefix and the associated +120% Critical Hit damage bonus.

The upward arcing energy balls are more effective when the weapon is aimed near the center mass of the enemy. For smaller enemies, shooting low or near the pelvis area will usually result in two to three hits from the weapon, including critical hits. For larger enemies, or any larger boss, a direct hit with the Pimpernel may result in massive damage, as the energy balls will spawn close enough that most will strike the enemy for additional damage and critical hits.

The Pimpernel is also useful against enemies with defenses against direct attacks with bullets, such as Nomad Taskmasters or even Shield Surveyors. While the initial projectile will still be stopped or even deflected back at the shooter, the energy balls will be created based on the point of deflection, bypassing the defense and damaging the enemy.


Captain Scarlett Logo

Scarlett's logo

  • The full title of the weapon is "Captain Scarlett's Pimpernel", but the prefix will be overwritten if the weapon spawns with any accessory.
  • If spawned with the "Gentleman's" prefix and with Slag element, the weapon will not list the additional 120% Critical Hit damage granted by the prefix, though it will still be applied.
  • As they are not listed on the itemcard, each additional projectile (energy ball) will receive full amp damage from amplification shields.
  • If the bullet ricochets to an enemy due to Gaige's Close Enough skill, the energy balls will spawn from striking the enemy, not the original contact point.
  • If used by a Gunzerker as the second gun while Gunzerking, it takes the element of the first gun unless it is explosive.
  • The energy balls are affected by both Zer0's Vel0city and Maya's Accelerate, which will alter their deployment. In particular, this can make it more difficult to score multiple critical hits.
  • A Pimpernel shot can proc B0re, allowing for even greater damage output.


  • In addition to the name referencing Captain Scarlett, the Pimpernel's barrel also bears her logo. There is no indication given as to why C3n50r807 possesses the Pimpernel.
  • The name and flavor text of the gun is a reference to the fictional character The Scarlet Pimpernel, an English nobleman who saved French royalty from the Guillotine during the French Revolution, who occasionally exclaims "Sink me!".
  • The energy ball distribution is in the pattern of a opening Anagallis arvensis (Scarlet pimpernel) flower, which only opens when the sun shines.

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