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Pinky and Digit are Nine-Toes' pet skags and are encountered in Nine-Toes' lair during the mission Nine-Toes: Take Him Down.


Pinky and Digit are Skag Pups with pieces of armor attached to their backs.


Pinky and Digit appear alongside Nine-Toes in his hideout in Skag Gully, although they will not respawn.



Main article: Nine-Toes: Take Him Down


  • Their names are both references to toes, continuing the theme of Nine-Toes' name and the name of the gun he drops, The Clipper.
  • While their Master does respawn during playthroughs, these skags only spawn once per playthrough, a rarity for most of the game's boss-type enemies.
  • These two spawn beside Nine-Toes in Mad Moxxi's Underdome.

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