Pipe Dreaming is a challenge that takes place in the Eridium Blight.


The pipe in question is to the east of the Fast Travel Station across the bridge on the right. The first pipe can be accessed by standing on the Eridium vent/geyser and taking a running jump towards the ledge near where the pipe joins the tower. This pipe leads to a lower pipe which can be accessed by another running jump. Landing on this pipe completes the challenge and there is a Red Weapon Chest at the end of the pipe.

Alternate, and much easier, method would be to use a nearby slag vent. Vault Hunters need to position themselves so that the vent is between them and the pipeline, making the shortest possible path . After a short run, and jumping while inside the vent, Vault Hunters will be launched high up in the air with sufficient forward momentum to land right on top of the pipeline.