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Pipe Dreaming is a Challenge that takes place in the Eridium Blight. Start at the fast travel station and get a vehicle and follow the path east. Cross the bridge and turn right towards the pipe line. Make your way up the pipe support and you will need to open the dumpster to get the extra leverage to get to the top. Follow the pipe and there is a jump at the end to another pipe, if you make it you should get complete the challenge.

Head down the eastern road that takes you across the bridge. Right after the bridge take a right and head towards the pipe and the tower connecting them. Go around the back side and with a running jump make it on the cylinder laying down, from that get on the ledge on the wall and jump for the taller cylinder. Jump on the pipe then onto the roof. Open the DAHL trash bin and hop on the opened lid. With a running jump hop on the roof right above you. Head around to the other side and follow the pipe. Take a running jump off the end that's slanted downwards and if you make it on the lower pipe open the chest and you'll get the challenge complete.

This challenge is worth 5 Badass Rank.


Donkey Mong, a foe with a related challenge may spawn just at the east of the point where you start this one.


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Borderlands 2 Pipe Dreaming Challenge Guide

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