Piston is the first NPC encountered in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. He becomes the first "sponsor" for the Vault Hunters' arena battles, before betraying the Vault Hunters and being replaced by Mad Moxxi.


Throughout the events of Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, Piston is referred to as a cheater, and eventually plays the part of the "Blood of the Coward" in the opening of the third vault. He often boasts about his strength, and also often tries to act tough when the Vault Hunters do something impressive, playing as if he could do it faster or better. In reality, he seems afraid to lose his status of Number One Badass.

Piston offers to be a sponsor when he is first encountered, but this proves to be a ruse when he betrays the Vault Hunters after the first arena battle. He goes so far as to brand them as cowards even though it was Piston's act of filling the arena with Harmstrong gas that saw them lapse into unconsciousness after winning their first fight. Mr. Torgue later dubs them cowards for the sake of good TV, despite knowing they would not run from a fight.

Piston serves as a background antagonist until the Vault Hunters confront the number #2 competitor, Flyboy, at which point he interrupts the battle in his heavily armed blimp. Following the destruction of the blimp he is then called to action in the arena where he faces off against the Vault Hunters, piloting his Badassasaurus in a battle for the number #1 spot on the leader board. After his Badassasaurus is destroyed, he will face the Vault Hunters himself, albeit somewhat reluctantly.



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  • My pecs are laughing at you! *mimics pecs laughing* You hear that?!
  • I'm not a Cheater, i'm a Strategist !


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