Piston is the first NPC encountered in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. He is the Number One ranked Badass on the leaderboards, but is also considered a cheater and a coward.


Piston serves as the main antagonist of Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. As the current holder of the Number One Badass sport on the Torgue leaderboards, Piston will do anything to maintain his rank. After meeting the Vault Hunters, he offers to be their sponsor so they can rise in ranking. However, after they complete their first match, Piston fills the arena with Harmstrong gas, knocking them out. He then claims the Vault Hunters ran away, branding them as cowards. For the sake of good T.V., Mr. Torgue goes along with the lie.

Throughout the campaign, Piston constantly taunts the Vault Hunters as an attempt to intimidate them. However, he remains in the background until they battle Flyboy, whereupon he kills Flyboy and invades the battle in his personal blimp. After the blimp is beaten and crashes, Piston survives and retreats to the arena. When the Vault Hunters show up to finish him, Piston is found piloting a massive vehicle known as the Badassasaurus, and uses it to fight them. After it too is destroyed, he is forced to fight the Vault Hunters on foot. Upon his death, Piston fufills his role as the "Ultimate Coward" as his blood opens the vault in the arena.



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  • My pecs are laughing at you! *mimics pecs laughing* You hear that?!
  • I'm not a cheater, I'm a strategist!


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