Plan B is a story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Lt. Davis. The mission is performed in Sanctuary.



  • Speak to town mechanic
  • Pick up fuel cells: 0/2
  • Take Eridium
  • Help Scooter with plan B
  • Install first fuel cell
  • Install second fuel cell
  • Buy something from Crazy Earl
  • Install third fuel cell
  • Talk to Crimson Raider
  • Unlock Roland's Command Center


After access to Sanctuary has been granted, players are instructed to speak to Scooter, the city mechanic. He requests that two power cells be gathered from his shop and an additional one purchased from Crazy Earl, who runs the Black Market. Scooter will provide the Eridium required for the purchase, and Earl gives the power cell with any purchase.

Buying an item from the Black Market will only be required on your first play-through in Normal Mode. In subsequent modes, the objective to buy the third power cell will be skipped, and it can be installed immediately.

The power cells are then taken to the center of Sanctuary and installed. After Scooter warns that the city will begin to fly, the ground will rumble, but the units housing the power cells ultimately explode. The final stop to complete this mission is to report to Roland's command center.


"Now that you've made it to Roland's headquarters, you should look around for any clues to his whereabouts."

Turn In: Roland's Command Center


Main article: Plan B/Transcript


  • The Black Market becomes available for use when this mission is complete.
  • Text of Command Center Key item: A key to Sanctuary's archives, where Roland build his command center.
  • If all Eridium upgrades are purchased previous to completing (or more aptly starting) Plan B on Normal Mode, progression may become impossible in a single player game.

Video Walkthroughs

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