Scooter: I'm tryin' ta write a love poem for this chick Daisy, but I need some inspiration! Somethin' to get my juices flowin' so this poem will get her juices flowin'. That's sex. Use this camera to take some pictures of interestin' landmarks that I could toss in the poem, would ya?

(Mission objectives update: Pick up Scooter's camera)

Scooter: Oh, and pick up any nudie mags you see. Never hurts to have a fallback.

(Mission objectives update: Optional: Pick up nude magazine)

(Vault Hunter travels to Thousand Cuts.)

(Mission objectives update: Find inspiration for Scooter 0/3)

(Vault Hunter snaps a picture at th Bloody Knuckle Point.)

Scooter: Is that a bandit spoonin' with a robot? That is some artsy-fartsy bullcrap, my friend! Chicks LOVE that! That's goin' in the poem. Robots and sexy stuff!

(At the No Man's Land he snaps a picture of a flower.)

Scooter: Aw. A lone flower surrounded by blood 'n' stuff. I maybe could turn that into a symbol of... of like, flowers, or.. or birds... or... I-I got it!.

(In the Slab Town he picks up nudie magazine.)

Scooter: Woo-wee! I got the nudie mags! Worst case scenario, I still got somethin' to pass the time.

(Vault Hunter takes a picture at a gravesite.)

Scooter: Whoo, boy! That bandit hung hisself from his own tombstone! It's dark, it's depressin', I don't understand what I'm talkin' about. It's PERFECT! Puttin' that in the poem!

Scooter: Alright, my poem is done completed and stuff! Get back here, and I will not read it to ya.

(Mission objectives update: Return to Scooter)

(Vault Hunter gets back to Sanctuary.)

Scooter: I recorded my sweet nothin's into this here ECHO device. Just find Daisy and play it fer her. Gotta wait for her reaction, though, ya hear me? I gotsta know how it went!

(Mission objectives update: Give poem to Daisy, Wait for Daisy's reaction)

(Vault Hunter meets Daisy and gives her Scooter's poem.)

Scooter: Herein is Scooter's poem for you Daisy. Here we go. Daisy, I like you a whole lot / more than that bandit liked spoonin' that ro-bot. / You are a diamond in the rough / or a flower surrounded by shrapnel and stuff. / I will hang myself from my own tombstone / if within you, I cannot put my bone.

Daisy: Wow. This is really... um, could you excuse me for a second? Thanks.

(Daisy walsk into her house and closes the door. A single gunshot is heard.)

Scooter: So, what'd she think?

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter returns to Scooter and turns in the mission.)

Scooter: So, she didn't dig the poem, huh? I dunno, I thought it was pretty good.

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