Poop Deck is a unique scav mini-boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel encountered on Shattered Aft of Drakensburg during the story mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion. Bosun called him "Poop Deck" because "he kicks so much arse". He's told to always have the nicest things to say about Bosun's girlfriend, the Skipper.



His only words for the whole game are pronounced during the Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion:



  • Poop Deck drops the unique Cathartic Oz Kit.
  • His full name is "Sgt. Cool Beans", it is displayed on the screens inside Drakensburg as a name of best worker.
  • Killing Poop Deck before the Skipper closes the door on him will complete the challenge called A Conventional Death.

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