Ellie: Have you seen the hood ornaments the Hodunks made of me? I think they're tryin' to mock me or somethin', but that design is bad-ass. Could you scrap some of their cars and bring me a few of those ornaments?

(Upon destroying bandit vehicle)

Ellie: Diggin' it! Now grab the ornament

(Upon collecting 1st ornament)

Ellie: My mom Moxxi always told me if I slimmed down, men'd pay me more mind. Shows what she knows - I got these boys bendin' over backwards just to get my attention and I didn't have to do nothin'!

(Upon collecting 2nd ornament)

Ellie: This all kinda reminds me why I came out here in the first place. Lived in Sanctuary for a while, but Moxxi kept hasslin' me about workin' for her, puttin' on makeup, losin' weight - I just got sick of her naggin' and came out here to make it on my own. That, and I was worried Scooter might have a crush on me.

Scooter: Whaaat? Pff. Psh. Hah. Please. Pff. Just a tiny one.

(Upon collecting 4th ornament)

Ellie: Man, would you look at that design? Like an eagle soarin' through the midnight sky, only the eagle's like three hundred pounds with a kick-ass rak.

(Upon collecting 6th ornament)

Ellie: You got enough ornaments! Come on back and help me put 'em up!

Ellie: Just put those ornaments all 'round the garage. This place is gonna look bad ass once they're up.

(Upon placing ornaments)

Ellie: People are gonna see that when they come in and be like "yeah. That's lookin' sweet as hell."

Ellie: That one's my favorite.

Ellie: That one's lookin' good.

(Upon turning in mission with Ellie)

Ellie: Explosions, theft and interior design. Hell of a day.

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