Bltps power cores

All three possible states of Power Cores

Power Cores are architectural features found in the level Lunar Launching Station in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are scattered throughout the level.


Power Cores are set into the ground. In their default state, the only visible component is a metal frame enclosing the very top of the Power Core. When a Vault Hunter gets close enough, it will automatically rise up out of the floor to its full height. After a short amount of time has passed, the Power Core will descend back into the floor again unless the Vault Hunter remains in motion.

By default, all Power Cores are blue in color, and in this state they are harmless. If a Vault Hunter gets close enough to interact with the Power core and activates it using the action key, it becomes "Charged" and switches to a red color. In this state, being hit by any damage-producing source will cause the Power Core to violently explode, with an extremely large blast radius. The blast is generally sufficient to send nearby Vault Hunters into Fight For Your Life.

After exploding, the Power Core will remain idle for some time in its inactive state, but will eventually become responsive again, at which time it can be re-charged if desired.


  • Enemy fire can set off a charged Power Core.

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