Power Fist is the tier 3 skill in Wilhelm's Cyber Commando skill tree. It replaces his regular hand with a robotic one that is capable of delivering explosive melee blows.

Special Skill Text

"I am now authorized to use physical force."


When melee button is pressed, instead of performing a standard melee attack, Wilhelm will extend his fist and punch whatever is unfortunate enough to stand in his way. This attack has longer range, delivers both melee and explosive damage, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Pressing the melee button during cooldown will perform a standard melee attack.


  • A successful hit from a Power Fist will always cause any non-boss enemy to flinch. This can be useful against relentless foes who constantly pursue their targets.
  • Power fist deals both increased melee damage as well as explosive damage, which makes it devastating against enemies who are frozen solid, even more so if they are hit in their critical spot. A level 50 Wilhelm is capable of killing a full-health, shielded level 50 Super Badass in a single punch.
  • Power Fist does not receive damage bonuses from Roid Shields.

Wilhelm Skills
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