Principal Guardian are Guardian enemies encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It's the second tiers of flying Eridian Guardians, it has black body with white armor attachments and able to transform into elemental charged Principals.



  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, when spawned, they are renamed Principal Warden and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Principal Exalted.
  • When they turn into elemental phase, their name prefixes gets changed after the element as follows:
    • In Normal Mode: Corrosive Principal, Static Principal, Cryo Principal, and Smoldering Principal
    • In True Vault Hunter Mode: Caustic Principal, Voltaic Principal, Frozen Principal, and Scorching Principal
    • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode: Erosive Principal, Tempestuous Principal, Frigid Principal, and Ignivomous Principal

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