Prismatic Aegis a tier 3 skill in Athena's Phalanx skill tree. With it, Athena can absorb elemental damage and use it against her enemies.


When absorbing damage during the via the blocking effect of the Kinetic Aspis, the Aspis copies the types of elemental damage (if any) it absorbed, in addition to how much. When thrown, the Aspis releases all pent up elemental damage in an elemental explosion.


When Athena blocks an attack that contains an element (fire, shock, corrosive, cryo, explosive), it will record the damage dealt by each element. Then when the Aspis is thrown, instead of creating normal explosions, it will create a stack of explosions containing the absorbed elements; each elemental explosion contains double the damage received from that element.

Both non-elemental and explosive attack recorded as explosive element.

When Kinetic Aspis is active, the edge of the Aspis will show the color for the element it stored, different element will be separated as different layers.

Utilizing this skill effectively requires certain strategic considerations, as many enemies who attack with a specific element are also resistant to that element, making this skill potentially deal less damage in return. It is therefore beneficial note the nearby enemy deployment, and throw the Aspis at those who are not resistant to the stored elements.

Athena Skills
Kinetic Aspis
Phalanx Xiphos Ceraunic Storm

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