For the bullymong in Hammerlock's Hunt, see The Bulwark.
Prismatic Bulwark
Legendary Shield Bulwark
Full spectrum.
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Model: Prismatic Bulwark
Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Special Part(s):

Shield_Absorption_PrismaticBulwark GD_ItemGrades.Shields.ItemGrade_Gear _Shield_Absorption_PrismaticBulwark GD_Shields.Accessory.Accessory3 _Absorption_PrismaticBulwark GD_Shields.Material.

[Prismatic Bulwark Variants]

Prismatic Bulwark is a legendary absorb shield manufactured by Hyperion. The Bulwark is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased drop chance from Colonel Zarpedon and The Empyrean Sentinel.

Special Shield Effects

Full spectrum. –  Increased capacity and decreased delay. Has a high chance to absorb enemy lasers. Increases the user's laser damage and provides laser resistance.


  • Previously, due to a bug, the shield did not provide bonus laser damage as intended. This bug has since been fixed.
  • Prismatic Bulwark is using a Vladof shield body instead of a Hyperion shield body.