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Prison Break: Over the Wall

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Prison Break: Over the Wall
Location Sunken Sea
Given By Moxxi
Previous Prison Break: Road Warrior
Next Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked
Game Borderlands
Downloadable Content The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
Mission Type Story mission

Prison Break: Over the Wall involves jumping a vehicle over a prison wall to rescue Athena who is imprisoned somewhere inside.


thumb|300px|right|Video walkthrough


Find a way into Lockdown Palace.

  • Outcropping found: 0/1
  • Prison entered: 0/1
"It is now time to put your stunt driving skills to the test. Moxxi has instructed you to find an outcropping near the prison that is your ticket in. From there, the route into the prison should become apparent."


In order to facilitate a prison break-out, one must first break in. This is achieved by using a Racer to make two vehicle jumps, one up to a highway on-ramp that leads a nearby house and another over the prison wall. A ramp lies next to a Lance Mine and under a bridge in the Sunken Sea. Only a Racer is fast enough to perform this stunt and if one is not immediately available there is a nearby Catch-A-Ride where a Racer can be obtained.

The first jump is to launch the Racer through a hole in a rock and onto a motorway onramp. The boost must be engaged in order to make the jump, although it is possible, with an excessive run up, to actually launch the Racer so high that it impacts with the top of the opening. The road beyond the first jump leads to a second jump, and Mad Moxxi gives instructions to use the roof of a house as a ramp. Getting the longest run up and using the Racer's boost is usually sufficient to launch the vehicle over the wall. If the Racer crashes into the wall instead there is a path to the right that leads to an opening that intruders can use to enter the prison grounds.

The mission is turned in at the entry lock marking the transition to Lockdown Palace.


"You've contacted Moxxi to let her know you are inside Lockdown Palace's walls. She'll have further instructions once you are inside."

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