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Product Recall is one of the optional missions in the Arid Badlands. It is obtained when the mission Find Bruce McClane is completed.


thumb|300px|right Collect the boxes of cigars near Titan's End and head back to Fyrestone for the reward.


Collect Bruce's Boxes Of Cigars near Titan's End.

  • Box Of Cigars: 0/3
"In the journal, Bruce described a scam where he gathered local plant leaves, rolled them into cigars, then sold them to bandits while claiming they were prized off world tobacco. With the money, he'd hoped to marry his fiance and take her away from Pandora. Apparently his first customer immediately died of massive internal bleeding, and the bandits forced Bruce to use his own product as payback. You'd better round up these cigars before some kid gets hold of one and smokes it in a back alley. The journal mentions that Bruce's customers were primarily the bandits around Titan's End."


In the alcove pointed out on the map, there's a fight going on between some Bruisers and skags. Don't head in through the Titan's End gate, but instead take the path up the rocks to the left of the gate. One box of cigars is found up on the ledge, and the ledge itself will provide a good vantage point to conduct most of the upcoming fight from. The last two boxes of cigars are on top of crates down in the hollow below. There is a chance that the skags may not spawn while attackers are still up on the ledge, leaving a pitched gun battle instead. Heading down into the area however, will cause the skags to emerge and then a three-way fight can be expected.


"Bruce is dead? That idiot! We could've made a life together here, somehow. Instead, he threw it all away on a stupid scam! Oh well, its not like there aren't plenty of available men around. I'll get by. Thank goodness you took those poisonous cigars off the market!"

Additional Information


Box of Cigars: Surgeon General's Warning: Use of this product will definitely result in severe internal hemorrhaging, even if you do not inhale.

Nearby Missions

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