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Projectile Convergence is the Title of a group of Submachine gun and are manufactured exclusively by Hyperion. The Projectile Convergence is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. Projectile Convergences use either the Bandit or Tediore barrels.

Usage & Description

The Bandit barrel increases damage but decreases accuracy; the Tediore barrel increases reload speed and accuracy, but decreases damage. 


  • The "Gearbox Projectile Convergence" is available exclusively as part of the Premiere Club pre-order bonus package.
  • In some very rare cases, and due to a glitch in the weapon generation system, a weapon can spawn with Maliwan barrel but w/o elemental capacitor and therefore keeping the Projectile Convergence title. If it wasn't for this glitch their titles would be Weisenheimer, Backburner or Storm.

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