Prosperity Junction is a location in Tales from the Borderlands

The town seems to have some connection to trade by railway, according to the signs. It is protected by a group of bandits led by Rudiger. Rudiger mentions that Hyperion ruined the town, and unlike Atlas, didn't know how to fail. He also mentions that Jack turned "everything to smoke". Before Atlas and Hyperion, it may have been a sizable and wealthy town.


Points of Interest

World of Curiosities

A museum of sorts, compiled of taxidermy, from wildlife to notable people. It was built by Shade's grandfather and after some time, fell into disrepair. After sometime Shade came to Prosperity Junction to run the World of Curiosities. Notable taxidermy exhibits include stuffed Bewm, Professor Nakayama, Commandant Steele-Trap, and Professor Penumbra.

Rudiger's Food Stand

A food stand that was run by Rudiger. The only food that was in his inventory was skag meat.

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