(Accept mission)

Tassiter: The worker bot will open a path to the quarantined zone! I need you to get inside and report back what you've seen.

(Drop into maintenance tunnel)

Tassiter: Now move your stink-ridden mass to the quarantine zone. The worker bot will get you inside.

(Activate worker bot)

Tassiter: Now, get inside and show me this hasn't been a spectacular waste of time.

(Enter Quarantined Area)

Hyperion: Warning. Entering contaminated zone.


Tassiter: These employees have been sucking up oxygen and retirements benefits for weeks now. Terminate them.

(Kill 6 infested workers)

Tassiter: Oh, you're still alive? Fine -- be a good little button-pushing automaton and remove the lockdown.

(Use console)

Tassiter: I'll have more work for you later, if you don't choke to death on your own saliva. Meantime, one of those workers seemed slightly less homicidal than the others -- maybe you should talk to him and possible get stabbed in the throat. That'd be funny.

(Turn in)

Tassiter: It appears the infection does exist and it's driven the hull workers insane. How interesting.

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