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The Quick Change allows players to change their characters' heads and skins, and respec their skill points. These stations are provided by Anshin.

Heads and skins

There are two different types of character skin changes available in Borderlands 2, and these are heads and skins. There are at most a total of 17 heads and 88 skins for each class. These are available in five rarities, ranging from least to most rare in the order of white, green, blue, purple, orange. Heads change the appearance of the head of Vault Hunters, while skins change the color scheme of the entire character, and can make small overall physical changes (i.e. war paint skin giving painted stripes on face and skin).

Each skin is represented by an item called a "customization". These can be obtained through loot drops where they are recovered from the ground, or can appear in a character's inventory as the result of completing a mission. They are then added to a collection of customizations by being selected in the inventory, at which point the item vanishes.

Most skins can be unlocked by ordinary means, but some skins require special means of unlock (e.g. having a Borderlands save file).


The Quick Change station also allows respecs of skill points. This removes all skill points, allowing them to be redistributed. There is a monetary cost, which appears to be:

respec cost = 100 * 1.12level


Quick change stations appear sparingly within Borderlands 2, and are typically in places that act as bases of operations.


They also appear in locations next to DLC raid boss arenas in order to facilitate character adjustments suitable for the nearby boss encounters.

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