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The seamless blend of a first-person-shooter and an RPG. Also a rocket launcher.
Manufacturer: Vladof
Type: Rocket Launcher
Model: RPG
Element: Any
Game Borderlands 2
[RPG Variants]

RPG is the Title of a group of Rocket Launchers and are manufactured exclusively by Vladof. The RPG is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description


This rocket launcher can spawn with a mod that adds the description "consumes reduced ammo per shot". Effectively this seems to give a free shot at the 5 ammo left, 3 ammo left and 1 ammo left markers (tested with a magazine size of 6, see video below). On a magazine size of 6 this effectively gives 9 shots for 6 ammo giving it an ammo-reduction of 33%.

RPGupload-0 00:31


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