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The Railer is an E-tech Sniper Rifle manufactured by Dahl and Maliwan. The Railer is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Railers fire extremely quickly compared to ordinary Sniper Rifles. The projectiles they fire bounce off surfaces and pierce enemies. They consume 2 ammo per shot.

Railers have greater base damage than equivalent-level Sniper Rifles but do not have a bonus to critical hit damage, inflicting roughly half the damage on critical hit compared to a same-brand purple-rarity sniper rifle for double the ammo cost. Characters specializing in dealing critical hits will find conventional Snipers to be more effective and ammo-efficient.


  • Zer0's B0re skill does not affect this weapon because it already penetrates enemies, overriding the ability to trigger B0re.

Manufacturer Differences

  • Maliwan - Higher elemental effect chance. Impacts cause a small splash effect.
  • Dahl - Burst fire while zoomed.


  • The Railer is a direct reference to railguns, weapons that use immense electric currents and the magnetic fields they generate to accelerate conductive projectiles (or sabots containing non-conductive projectiles) to incredible speeds.

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