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Rampage is Salvador's second skill tree, of three. The Rampage tree focuses on extra ammunition and Gunzerking. His other skill trees are Gun Lust and Brawn.



Rampage Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Inconceivable: Gives a chance that shots fired do not consume ammo, this chance increases the lower health and shields are.
  • Filled to the Brim: increases magazine size of all gun types, in addition to increasing ammo carrying capacity of all gun types.

Tier 2

Tier 3

  • 5 Shots or 6: Grants a chance on firing a shot to give a free round rather than expend ammo.
  • Steady as She Goes: Give Recoil Reduction and a chance to improve Accuracy while Gunzerkering.

Tier 4

  • Yippee Ki Yay: Increases the duration of Gunzerking when an enemy is killed during Gunzerking.
  • Double Your Fun: Throwing grenades during Gunzerking throws two grenades instead of one, this only costs one grenade.

Tier 5

  • Get Some: Shooting enemies decreases the cooldown of Gunzerking. Has a cooldown of three seconds.

Tier 6

  • Keep Firing...: While Gunzerking gain up to 85% fire rate and 25% reload speed as long as the trigger is held down.

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