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Stinging Rathyd

Rathyds are flying creatures typically spawned by Shugguraths, but can also be found independently in select areas. Each rathyd possesses the elemental power of its mother Shuggurath.  


Rathyds behave largely similar to Rakk, but with a few key differences. Unlike Rakk, several types of rathyd have a long-range attack in the form of shooting spines from their tail. The other major difference is that unlike Rakk, which never stop moving unless Phaselocked or stunned, rathyds hover in place for a few seconds after unleashing their flurry of attacks before retreating.

Rathyd Varieties


Rathyds spawn from Shugguraths and Spectral Shugguraths. Their main form of attack is to come in close to sting their targets with their tail. Their attacks don't possess elemental damage.

Brutal Rathyd

Brutal Rathyds spawn from Shugguraths and Spectral Shugguraths. They act similarly to Rathyds, but behave more aggressively and crowd targets more tightly.

Stinging Rathyd

Stinging Rathyds spawn from Shugguraths and Spectral Shugguraths. They prefer to keep space between themselves and their targets, shooting corrosive spines from a distance. They can also fly around behind targets in order to dart in for a single powerful tail sting before retreating.

Badass Rathyd

Badass Rathyds occasionally spawn from Badass Shugguraths. They behave as a combination of Brutal and Stinging rathyds, with more health and more powerful attacks. They also have the unique ability of being able to shoot an incendiary laser from their eye. This laser is heralded for a few seconds beforehand in the form of the rathyd's eye glowing brightly.

Smoldering Rathyd

Smoldering Rathyds spawn from Badass Shugguraths. They behave as a combination of Brutal and Stinging rathyds, but have incendiary-based attacks that can ignite their targets if they are within an atmosphere.

Freezing Rathyd

Freezing Rathyds spawn from Shugguraths of Ice. They behave as a combination of Brutal and Stinging rathyds, but with cryo-based attacks that can easily inflict a cryo damage-over-time, slowing targets down or freezing them.

Unique Rathyds


Blowflies do not have a 'Rathyd' prefix to their name, but behave similarly to a Brutal Rathyd. They can only be found in small swarms near a Swagman.

Orphan Rathyd

Orphan Rathyds are specific to the mission Another Pickle. They are identical in behavior to a Brutal Rathyd, but are used for the mission's optional objective. Specifically, Pickle asks you to not harm them due to their orphaned status. Harming or killing an Orphan Rathyd fails this objective. They initially ignore Vault Hunters, hovering in place above a crashed Moon Buggy. Once the mission-specific ECHO recording is collected, they will leave the Moon Buggy and begin attacking.


  • Rathyds, Brutal Rathyds and Badass Rathyds can be found independently of a mother Shuggurath at the following locations:
    • Around the building where Rose's posters are stored for the mission Recruitment Drive.
    • From the openings in the rocky cliff-side near the entrance to The Grabba.
    • Around the building accessible during and after the mission To the Moon.


  • The Swagman being followed by a swarm of Blowflies is a reference to the fact that blowflies often swarm around forms of pungent aromas in real life.

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