Raving Retribution is a tier 6 skill in Krieg's Hellborn skill tree. It allows Krieg to shoot homing balls of fire at enemies when they damage him.


Whilst Krieg is on fire, whenever an enemy hits him, he will spawn a homing ball of fire which seeks out the enemy. These balls of fire can only spawn once per second.


  • This effect is very similar to the Impaler shield, in that the fireballs home in on the enemy, but do not count as spike damage.
  • The fireballs can ignite enemies and acts like normal fire damage, in terms of Krieg's skills, lighting Krieg on fire and whatever else the player has invested.
  • Krieg has a number of unique voice lines that are triggered by this skill, typically involving his insane side launching into long-winded, nonsensical rants.
    • After update 1.6 Krieg will no longer speak any of his unique dialogues while Raving Retribution is on.
Krieg Skills
Buzz Axe Rampage
Bloodlust Mania Hellborn

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