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The Razorback is a Unique sniper rifle manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained as a reward for completing the mission Home Delivery.

Special Effect

Watch out for the tusks! – Always spawns with a blade accessory and iron sights. Extremely low fire rate and long reload speed. Extremely high damage.

Usage & Description

The Razorback features high per shot damage and a blade accessory at the cost of a low fire rate and lack of scope. Due to these qualities, it is recommended that users aim for critical hits while using this weapon, where the high damage and innate critical hit bonus of Jakobs weapons can take out most targets.

The blade accessory can be used to provide close quarters presence, but prevents the weapon from spawning with any other accessories.

The Razorback can greatly benefit from Nisha's Showdown action skill, which will lock onto the critical hit point of the target, while increasing fire rate and reload speed, allowing the user to output a high level of damage onto a single target.



  • The name of the Razorback references the slang word for a wild boar in American or Australian language, the guaranteed blade accessory and flavor text a nod to a typical boar's sharp tusks.
  • As the Razorback always spawns with a blade, the Razorback will only spawn with the prefix "Tl'kope", making the full name of the weapon "Tl'kope Razorback".

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