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Reactivate the ECHO Comm System

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Reactivate the ECHO Comm System
Location Crimson Enclave
Given By Patricia Tannis
Level 31
Rewards 9900 XP
Previous Find The Echo Command Console
Next Find Steele
Game Borderlands
Mission Type Story mission

Reactivate Transmitter Consoles.


thumb|300px|right|Video walkthrough


  • Transmitter Console activated: 0/3
"The notes Tannis gave you are rambling and disjointed, and appear to be written in the form of an argument with either an invisible cellmate or a rat. However, she also mentions reactivating three network transmitter consoles in three separate buildings, then returning to this main control console."


The ECHO Comm System is housed within huge towers and are easy to spot from a distance. The three communications towers are nearly identical to each other in terms of layout and defenses. Each one has a defensive contingent of four to eight Crimson Lance soldiers and a pop up Gatling Turret. The ECHO Comm System controls are located on the middle level of each tower, in a small control booth. On the roof of each tower is a single weapons chest.

Return to Patricia Tannis on completion.


"Success! The ECHO communication network is back on-line."


  • There are Lance soldiers fighting Guardians at two points in this level, at the beginning and over the bridge to the third tower. Players can play them off against each other by assisting the losing faction.
  • On killing the Guardians near the bridge, they may drop their loot onto the road below. While it should theoretically be possible to retrieve these, any drop from the bridge will result in a death and respawn.
  • Crimson Lance troops on the ECHO control tower rooftops will sometimes stand directly on the outside of the door, thus making it impossible to open. These units will also be too far back on the platform to be shot from the ground, although they can still be attacked with grenades.
  • The quota of Transmitter Consoles is not specific to each console, so it is possible to complete one of the objectives, exit the game, start a new game and complete another objective by activating the same console again. This can be repeated until the mission is complete.

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