RedBelly is a boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel that appears in Crisis Scar. He is composed of two enemies, Red and Belly, a pair of Scav leaders.
Red is a Lil' Scav wearing a full-sized helmet who sits atop Belly to appear as one figure. The two separate to attack individually after enough damage is dealt.



Main article: A New Direction


  • Red: "Finally, a proper bloody fight!"
    Belly: "Well, I just ate, but... LET'S BOOGIE!"
    - RedBelly's introductory cutscene


  • Belly has an increased chance of dropping the Striker shotgun and the following heads:
  • Belly's critical hit point is his head, while Red's critical hit point are his legs.
  • Red has a chance of dropping the unique SMG, Black Snake.
  • Sometimes, if Red is killed after Belly, Lil' Scavs will continue to spawn in RedBelly's Arena until Crisis Scar is exited.


  • The name RedBelly is a play on legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. The two have a discussion in an ECHO recording about Belly's missing leg armor. This is a reference to how Ned Kelly was finally taken down: Two shotgun blasts to the knees.[1]
  • An ECHO recorder found in the area implies that Red and Belly have been deputized by the Meriff, as they are now on "this side of the law."
  • Ironically, despite the Ned Kelly reference, Belly's critical hit point is not his legs, but his head - instead, Red is the one takes critical hits in the legs. This is made more fitting by the fact that Red comments that "nobody's gonna shoot you there."


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