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... from Hell
Gender Male
Race Wereskag
Faction The Pack
Level Varies on Player's Level
Location Generally Hospital

Redjack is encountered in Generally Hospital zone only when you have the mission The Pack.


Redjack is one of four test subjects whom Dr. Ned was testing an anti-zombie antidote on. The antidote was based on skags and apparently did not work as planned. Redjack is red in color, hence his name.



He has the usual boss attacks, slam, knock back, melee. He has a fair amount of health and has the regeneration and berserk ability of all other Wereskags. He, like all four members of the pack, is weak to fire damage. When killed he will drop an Artifact. He, like all four members of The Pack, can often be seen from afar, so ranged attacks can also be effective.

Guaranteed Drops


  • "Red Jack" was another nickname of Jack the Ripper.
  • The name Red Jack could be a reference to the game of "Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren".

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