Repeater is the title of a group of common pistols and are manufactured exclusively by Dahl. The repeater is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source, and can spawn with the Tediore, Jakobs, Torgue, Hyperion, or Vladof grips.

Usage & Description

The repeater is the very first weapon a character uses in the game. As with all Dahl weapons, repeaters will fire in bursts when zoomed in at a faster rate than hipfire. This makes them a good sidearm for mid-range combat with their low recoil during bursts, but not as good for situations like fight for your life.

Repeaters typically have a very quick reload speed. Also, recoil is often reduced when equipped with the Tediore grip. This is also apparent in other Dahl pistols. Most repeaters will fire a 2-round burst when zoomed, however Repeaters with Dahl barrels will fire 4-round bursts while zoomed.

Unlike other pistols, the Repeater can spawn with different barrels from Maliwan, Dahl, Tediore and bandit manufacture. The bandit one being the most powerful but less accurate and the Dahl barrel being the most accurate but least powerful. In adition, the Maliwan barrel gives the gun aditional elemental effect damage if any.

Notable variants

  • Basic Repeater - Unique (but common-quality) variant of this weapon, given as the mission reward for My First Gun.
  • Teapot - Unique corrosive pistol with a contagious elemental effect.
  • Hornet - Legendary corrosive pistol with double the burst of bullets.

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