Energy. Power. I'm addicted to it.
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Model: Rerouter
Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
[Rerouter Variants]

Rerouter is a legendary amplify shield in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel made by Hyperion. The Rerouter is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from 5H4D0W-TP located in The Cortex.

Special Shield Effects

Energy. Power. I'm addicted to it. – High amp shot damage, High amp shot drain. Lowered shield capacity. Increased shield recharge rate. Increased recharge delay. Heals you for the Amp drain amount when an Amp shot is fired.

Usage & Description

The Rerouter should not be used as a standard "bullet sponge" shield, as it focuses on keeping the player's health topped up instead of the shield itself. When full, it essentially allows the player to deal a single powerful shot, which simultaneously grants a free health replenishment before causing the Rerouter to be ineffective until out of combat again. Each ability has its own advantage: the high amp damage can eliminate or soften a bulky target from afar, while the health gain allows the player to be healed before and after every battle.

Due to its heavily increased recharge delay, the Rerouter is almost guaranteed to be depleted and stay depleted in combat, which makes it dangerous to use in heated battles. However, this lets skills that rely on depleted shields stay active for very long.

In single player mode, the player can take advantage of the in-game pause function by firing a shot with the Rerouter, switching to a different shield for actual combat, and then switching back to the Rerouter for a free heal.


  • The Rerouter can only spawn with Torgue body.
  • The Rerouter may spawn with a Maliwan capacitor, granting immunity against shock, corrosive or fire elemental damage. It may also spawn with a Torgue capacitor, granting the Blast-Proof prefix and explosive damage reduction to its wearer.