Rioters are biker enemies in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They are generally bare-chested and carry buzz-axes with them at all times. They appear in all of the factions in the DLC, as well as in non-aligned patrols on the roads.

Rioter Units

  • Biker Rioter - Biker Rioters are non-aligned Rioters, sometimes found as passengers on bikes. They wear plated pauldrons and dull green masks that resemble piranha heads, but otherwise go around shirtless. Biker Rioters make a notable appearance in the mission Get Your Motor Running where they appear riding bikes in support of Motor Momma.
  • Burner Rioter - Burner Rioters have yellow pants, pauldrons and spiked pith helmets. They are commonly found in The Beatdown
  • Momma's Rioter - Momma's Rioters wear purple pants, purple and green arm coverings and green piranha masks. They are most common among Momma's boys in the Southern Raceway.
  • Torgue Rioter - These orange and yellow garbed Rioters are most commonly found in the Badass Crater of Badassitude.



Rioters are fast running melee units armed with buzz-axes. When they become aware of a target they break into a mad dash to reach striking range and then stop to swing their buzz-axes once they are standing adjacent to their victim. If they are unable to find a path to a target they will stand in place and start hurling their buzz-axes instead.


  • Killing Rioters contributes to the Biker's Killed challenge in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list.

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