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The Roaster is a Unique Aftermarket Rocket Launcher manufactured by Bandit. Roaster is obtained from the mission Note for Self-Person located in The Fridge.

Special Weapon Effects

Toasty! – Increased elemental chance, status effect damage, and accuracy. Slightly decreased base damage.

Usage & Description

A non-elemental (that is, explosive) Roaster is an unexceptional blue-rarity Bandit rocket launcher. An elemental Roaster can be an effective means of spreading damage-over-time effects over a wide area, but is still not an extraordinary weapon.


  • The Roaster shares its name with The Roaster from Borderlands. The Roaster was a unique drop from Taylor Kobb and had the unique effect of a large incendiary mushroom cloud explosion similar to that of the Nukem.
  • The red text is a reference to a Mortal Kombat II where sound designer Dan Forden would appear on the screen and say 'Toasty!'. 

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