Marcus: Hey, Vault Hunter! If you're gonna be a part of Crimson Raiders, you'd better know how to use elemental weapons, don't you thnk? I've just got a crate of spanking-new Maliwan elemental weapons -- wanna help me test them out? I'll see you in the firing range. Let's try out the fire weapon first, eh?

(Vault Hunter enters the shooting range.)

Marcus: Fire weapons are extremely effective against flesh, but they're crap at destroying shields.


Marcus: Now burn that imperialist bastard like a skag steak!

(If incendiary weapon is not used ...)

Marcus: No, no, no -- switch to another weapon and hit him again, da?

(Vault Hunter fires at the target with incendiary weapon.)

Marcus: Aha! Fire and flesh -- quite a nasty combination. Now, how about a shielded target?

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Marcus.)

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