Marcus: Now, let's try out these new slag weapons! Slag is a bit more complex. If you slag your enemy, all non-slag damage will hurt even more! Here -- slag this chump.

Shoplifter: This planet belongs to HYPERION, you savages!

(If any other than slag weapon is used ...)

Marcus: No, no, no -- slag him first!

(Vault Hunter fires at the target with a slag weapon.)

Marcus: Now that he's slagged, he should be easy enough to finish off. Switch to another weapon and hit him again.

(If slag weapon is used again ...)

Marcus: To do full damage, you'll want to switch to another weapon once your enemy has been slagged.

(Vault Hunter switches to another weapon and fires at the target.)

Marcus: Great! The weapons work, an you're ready to take on Handsome Jack. Now, let's talk about your payment.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Marcus.)

Marcus: If you want to purchase any elemental weapons like these, you could always buy some from your friendly neighborhood arms dealer.

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