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For other uses, see Rocketeer.

Rocketeer is the title of a group of common assault rifles manufactured by Vladof with the Torgue barrel. The Rocketeer is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Rocketeer fires small rockets that deal moderate explosive splash damage. Like all Vladof weapons, it features a high rate of fire. The Rocketeer distinguishes itself from other Torpedo-type weapons in requiring only 2 rounds of ammunition per rocket fired as opposes to 3 or 4 in the other weapons like this.


  • Any Vladof assault rifle that spawns with the Torgue-manufactured barrel becomes a Rocketeer.
  • As well as other assault rifles with the Torgue barrel, this one is only available at green rarity or higher.
  • Unlike its cousins the Torpedo and Rokets!, a Rocketeer lacking an accessory or elemental capacitor receives a standard grip prefix.

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