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"Kill 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds"


Kill five rakk with no more than 10 seconds separating the first kill from the fifth. A group of five can be killed with one shot from an explosive weapon, such as a Rocket Launcher or the rocket turret of an Outrunner. Alternately, allowing a flock to swoop in close while armed with a shotgun can have a similarly devastating effect on their numbers. Early places to find suitable quantities of rakk are Arid Badlands, where a vehicle can make short work of them with relative safety, and Skag Gully, where the low level rakk make easy prey.


  • Possibly a reference to the song "Woody's Roundup," written by Randy Newman and performed by Riders in the Sky for the movie Toy Story 2.
  • Possibly also a reference to Yosemite Sam, as "Rootinest, Shootinest" was amongst his claims.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement gives "10" gamerscore.
  • The PS3 trophy gives a "Bronze" trophy.

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