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Rose Tinting is a side mission in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Claptastic Voyage.



  • Pick up hoop
  • Pick up detergent
  • Return to MINAC
  • Destroy front turret
  • Place bubble blower
  • Push paint barrel to cannon
  • Aim cannon
  • Fire cannon
  • Survive MINAC minions (15)
  • Destroy MINAC turrets (6)
  • TURN IN!


MINAC, Claptrap's giant weapon of war from back in his Interplanetary Ninja Assassin days, doesn't want to be a repressed memory anymore. He wants the Vault Hunters to make it a happy memory so it can integrate with Claptrap's systems again. First, it wants its front cannon to shoot something nice and not-deadly. Grab the basketball hoop and some detergent from the marked spots, blow up the old Hyperion Turret without dying, and place the crude bubble-blower where it was.

Next, a paint job. There is a barrel of paint turned on its side nearby. Stand behind it and walk it up the ramp to the big cannon nearby. A few turns of the wheels, a pull of the trigger, and MINAC is both looking and feeling more colorful. Unfortunately, this registers as a threat to its combat programming and deploys MINAC Minions. Destroy them all and also the remaining turrets on MINAC's sides to complete the mission.


Turn In: MINAC

"You've helped repress a dark and violent chapter of Claptrap's life. Nice work, Sigmund."


  • Mission Items
    • Basketball Hoop - Would make an awesome enormous bubble-blower.
    • Detergent - Funjo Hyperion-Brand Detergent! Gets blood out of anything, now with triple bubbling action!

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