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TODO: Only Jack2's quotes are in here; missing all the other playable characters.

(Approach MINAC)

MINAC: Don't shoot! Or run away! Didn't mean to spook you! I just... well, I really need someone's help!

Mission card text: MINAC needs help in becoming an accepted part of Claptrap's canon. With a cannon.

(Accept Mission)

MINAC: I'm a memory from a rather... difficult period of Claptrap's history, and he's not letting me integrate. If I could become a happy memory, one that didn't try to literally kill all living things on Pandora, the system could integrate with me! Will you help?

  • Athena (if present):
  • Wilhelm (if present):
  • Nisha (if present):
  • Claptrap (if present):
  • Jack2 (if present): Don't like the way you look, huh? Trust me, I get it -- alright, let's do this.
  • Aurelia (if present):

MINAC: First thing, I want to replace my enormous turret of death with something that says "fun and friendly", not "dangerous and homicidal".

MINAC: Know what'd be great?! If I could shoot bubbles, not bullets! Go grab a basketball hoop and some detergent from around Fyrestone!

(Acquire basketball hoop and detergent)

MINAC: Great! You got the goods! Let's make some fun bubbles! But first, check THIS out...

MINAC: Run! Run! Murder-turret deployed! ... I'm kidding! In fact, I want YOU to obliterate IT!

MINAC: Uh-oh! Talk about full frontal, right? Hahahaha!

(Destroy turret)

MINAC: Oh, this is going to be sooo great! Gimme that stuff.

(Hoop is placed)

MINAC: Ohh, I wish the rest of me was that pretty! I am the most hideous shade of Hyperion yellow. I found a barrel of paint but couldn't, y'know, fire the cannon and be in front of it at the same time. Can you fetch the barrel?

(Barrel is pushed)

MINAC: That's it! Push!

MINAC: Not far now! Keep going!

MINAC: Nearly there!

(Barrel is pushed into receptacle, cannon pops up)

MINAC: Point that thing over this way, you crazy maniac, or I'll set my subroutines to MUR-DERRR! Ha! Tugging your tail! But seriously, aim it at me!

(Cannon is aimed)

MINAC: Great! Let me have it!

(Cannon is fired)

MINAC: It's perfect! I... oh, wait, hang on. Uh oh.

MINAC: Good heavens, my combat programming's been triggered! Hold them off until I can shut it down!

(Two MINAC Minions are destroyed)

MINAC: I'm SO sorry. This has never happened before.

(Four MINAC Minions are destroyed)

MINAC: Oh, annoying little scamps! Now, I can't become a fully-integrated happy memory if I'm still packing heat! You need to destroy my turrets, BUT -- as soon as you start doing that, my combat programming will kick in again and I'll try to kill you! Ha-ha-ha, ohh. I'll open my first gun port, and when you're ready, start shooting the things off and try not to die!

(Dialog branches a bit depending on what's destroyed in which order)

Turret Dialog

(Two Hyperion Turrets are destroyed)
MINAC: Oohohoho, that tickled! Four more to go!
(Three Hyperion Turrets are destroyed)
MINAC: That's three! You're halfway there!
(Four Hyperion Turrets are destroyed)
MINAC: Only two more!
MINAC: This is all so unnecessarily violent!
(Five Hyperion Turrets are destroyed)
MINAC: Just one more turret!

MINAC Minion dialog

(Six MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: Just a minute longer and I'll have everything under control.
(Seven MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: I know I've said it before but I'll reiterate -- I'm very, very sorry.
(Nine MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: Oh dear! They're so protective!
(Eleven MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: Why isn't this working?
MINAC: You should know, you're being a great help!
(Thirteen MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: I've reset my programming! Just destroy the last of them. Silly things.
MINAC: Oh, this whole situation's mortifying!
(Fifteen MINAC Minions are destroyed)
MINAC: Whew! Calming down, calming down.

(Turn mission in)

MINAC: Oh, THANK you! I'm finally a happy memory and can be integrated into the system. Claptrap won't have to be ashamed of me any more!

(After a few seconds, as MINAC takes off to leave)

MINAC: I can't thank you enough. Come on little ones! To integration!

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