Rotgut Distillery is the main setting of the Borderlands 2 DLC Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre. It is a hilly, swampy area and is home to the feuding Zaford and Hodunk clans. Several fishing poles around the town can be used to summon a named thresher from the river by collecting bait scattered around the map. One piece of bait is located on the Western coast of the river, which will summon Sigmund.

Points of Interest

Innuendobot's Rectory

A rundown chapel where Moxxi and Innuendobot 5000 can both be found.

Hodunk Hollar

A large village where the Hodunk clan lives. Threshers spawn in the river below the bridge. The enraged couple Bridget and Colin are building a house here. There is also a Loot Leprechaun in this area. He has a high spawn chance, but not 100%. When first entering the area before reaching the river, players can see a small cave on the right. This is one of two caves to where the Loot Leprechaun will run, before disappearing into the cave. The second cave he might run to is on the other side of the river, just before entering the Distillery. When traveling along the road facing the Zaford Distillery sign, it will be on the right. The Leprechaun himself can be found on the north side of the river; after crossing the bridge, look for another small cave off to the left, very close to the far-west end of the road that runs through. Once the player is close enough, the Leprechaun will spawn and begin to run towards the first cave. He runs very fast but, due to his small size, it is possible for a player to keep up with him. He stops occasionally, giving players time to punch him, resulting in the Leprechaun dropping a single Eridium brick in addition to money and ammunition. Punching him in this way multiple times before he reaches safety in the cave will give the player several easy pieces of Eridium quickly. Once he reaches the cave, he disappears, but still has a respawn rate which appears to be much lower.

Moedown Motel

A motel on the outskirts of town populated by the Hodunk clan. The Uncommon rarity Thresher bait can be found here to summon Ikaroa, a smaller than average Wormhole Thresher.

Zaford's Rotgut Distillery

A heavily armed distillery where the Zaford clan make whisky.

Sour Mash Stash

Area inside the distillery where all the whisky is kept.

The Rainbrew Room

Where the whisky is made. The area is heavily flooded and is filled with Tipsy Threshers as well as Zaford guards and JNK Loaders. The Rare rarity Thresher bait is found in the Western corner to summon Moby, a giant Feeler Thresher.

The Sparging Haus

Very Rarity Thresher bait is found here to summon Fire Crak'n, a Badass Pyre Thresher.

Love's Lookout

Outdoor chapel on a cliff where the wedding between Colin and Bridget is held. The Legendary rarity Thresher bait to summon Rue, The Love Thresher is found after the enraged couple are defeated.





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