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Tediore TD12-B Malevolent SMG
The standard feline.
Manufacturers: Dahl, Hyperion, Maliwan, Tediore and Torgue
Type: Submachine Gun
Model: SMG
Element: Any ×1 – ×4
Damage: 1 – ∞ (Bruiser)
Accuracy: 72.1 – 94.9
Fire Rate: 7.7 – 12.1 (Stinger)
Magazine Capacity: 31 – 66
Game Borderlands
Special Part(s): Title__SMG

SMG is the Title of the balanced and most basic group of Submachine Gun.


SMG is the default title to Submachine Guns that don't qualify for the other titles Bruiser, Stinger or Thumper. Because of this, SMGs always have moderate damage, and moderate Fire Rate, else they'd have been promoted to a better title.

Examples are on the talk page.


The Title__SMG title does not have any effect on the weapon.

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