Marcus: Jack blasted my personal safe out of my own store! My most precious treasure could be in the hands of some freeloading bandits by now! Head back to that city-sized hole in the ground and get my safe back!

(Mission objectives update: Find safe. Bonus objective: Kill Sanctuary squatters 0/25)

(Vault Hunter travels to the Sanctuary Hole where he engages the local bandits.)

Bandit1: Careful -- CAREFUL! Don't drop it!

(As the fight goes on and the Vault Hunter pushes deeper into bandits territory, the safe can be seen flying over the edge ... )

Bandit2: You IDIOT!

Marcus: Curses! Those idiots dropped my safe into the Caustic Caverns. Get after it!

(Fighting bandits, Vault Hunter takes the elevator down and eventually reaches the Caustic Caverns entrance.)

(After fighting some varkids and crystlisks, he reaches the location where the safe supposedly landed only to find it stuck on the back of the Blue, a giant crystalisk.)

(Vault Hunter fights and kills the Blue.)

(Mission objectives update: Open safe)

Marcus: You found the safe? Ohhh, thank god. Open it, and return its contents, quickly!

(As the Vault Hunter starts picking up items from the safe ...)

Moxxi: Hey there, sugar. I see you've found some... fairly fleshy snapshots of me. If you give those to me instead of my third ex-husband, I'll make it worth your while. Feel free to take a peek, though. I sure don't mind.

(Mission objectives update: Bring pictures to Marcus - OR - Bring pictures to Moxxi)

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary where he brings the pictures to Marcus.)

Marcus: Ahhhh. Gazongas.


(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary where he brings the pictures to Moxxi.)

Moxxi: Thanks, sugar! I've been meaning to upload these to the ECHOnet.

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