Pick up a gun an' shoot it. Don't work? Try another. Make it bigger. Use more parts. If it's crap, kill someone when they're not looking and take their gun. Fire at everything that moves until you're pretty sure it's dead. And when in doubt, keep shooting.
— Scav Manufacturer Description

Scav is a manufacturer introduced in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, composed of weapons and equipment haphazardly put together by the unruly and cantankerous scavengers of Elpis to defend and expand upon their ill-gotten collections of salvage. Much like their creators, scav armaments are simplistic, brutish, and wickedly deadly.

Weapon Description

Scav weapons are functionally identical to bandit weapons in Borderlands 2. They feature enormous magazine sizes, but with long reload times and generally poor overall stats. Scav weapons use the same design as bandit guns, but have different textures.

The names of scav weapons generally contain poor grammar and spelling. Additionally, their names and prefixes make frequent use of Australian English slang.


Common Weapons:

Unique Weapons:

Legendary Weapons:

Glitch Weapons:

Class Mods:

Grenade Mods:


Oz Kits:

Gun Appearance by Quality

  • White weapons:

White-quality scav weapons are composed of a whitish metal with some faint blue visible. All common-quality scav weapons use vertical box magazines.

  • Green weapons:

Green-quality scav weapons are made primarily of a mottled blue metal with some rusty brown components. Assault rifles retain their box magazines, while pistols and shotguns use drum-fed ammunition.

  • Blue weapons:

Blue-quality scav weapons are styled with a visibly cracking purple paint. Pistols and shotguns revert to using the simpler box-fed magazines, while assault rifles move to belt-fed ammunition with a side-mounted ammo box.

  • Purple weapons:

Purple-quality scav weapons are dark blue, overlaid with lighter markings somewhat resembling Luneshine, but orange in color. Pistols and shotguns return to drum magazines, and assault rifles retain their ammo belts.

  • Orange weapons:

Legendary weapons retain the rusted-metal look of lower quality weapons, but come in several colors. Some legendary scav weapons have overlays similar to that of purple-quality weapons.

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