Scavenger: Combat Rifle is the second of the scavenger missions. It is acquired from the Fyrestone Bounty Board in the Arid Badlands.


This is one of the six Scavenger missions scattered throughout the game. The player is given a mission to collect four parts of a weapon - these missions require a little searching, as the waypoint markers only provide a general location for each of the parts. Once the pieces are collected, and the mission turned in, the reward will be presented as a random generation of the appropriate weapon type.


thumb|300px|right|Video walkthrough Collect four pieces of the combat rifle and return the pieces to the Fyrestone Bounty Board.


Find all of the combat rifle parts.

  • Combat Rifle Body: 0/1
  • Combat Rifle Stock: 0/1
  • Combat Rifle Sight: 0/1
  • Combat Rifle Barrel: 0/1
"I was working on a custom rifle. I didn't want the bandits to get a hold of my design so I dismantled it and scattered the components around. If you you find all of these components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Stock, Sight, and Barrel."


  1. From Fyrestone grab a ride and head to the way point on the map. Park near the Circle Of Death: Meat And Greet entrance and head to the metal bridge on the south side of the road.
  2. Start clearing out the bandits. There is an elevated shack near the bridge that provides a useful sniping platform.
  3. Cross the metal walkway and retrieve the first piece sitting on a crate at the far end.
  4. The second piece is sitting on top of a barrel at the bottom of a ramp leading down from the end of the bridge.
  5. The third piece is on the catwalk behind the shed up the ramp to the right. This shed also holds a high level red weapons chest.
  6. The fourth piece is sitting on a crate under the red canopy-covered platform up to the left of the bridge.
  7. Return to Fyrestone.
Main photoset
Scavenger-combat rifle - arid badlands map

Start here.

Scavenger-combat rifle - 1st part

1st part

Scavenger-combat rifle - 2nd part

2nd Part

Scavenger-combat rifle - 3rd part

3rd Part

Scavenger-combat rifle - 4th part

4th Part

Alternate photoset (Combat rifle scope)

Climb up the rafters


Turn left


Bend the corner


Map position


"She's a beauty, isn't she? I'm just glad those bandits didn't get a hold of it. Why don't you hang on to it. A nice combat rifle could come in handy, right?"

Additional Information


  • Some of the parts of the gun may spawn in a different order, but all locations are the same. Don't be surprised if the barrel appears where the scope should be.
  • Follow the marker on the map. The marker is indicative of the general location for all pieces. All pieces of the combat rifle can be found near the marker.
  • Their exact location is shown by the little money bag on the HUD compass.

Nearby Missions

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