Scavenger: Shotgun is one of the scavenger missions. This mission comes from the Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board.


This is one of the six Scavenger missions that the player will receive throughout the game. The player is given a mission to collect 4 parts of a weapon - these missions require the player to do a little searching, as the waypoint markers only provide a general location for each of the parts. Once the pieces are collected, and the mission turned in, the player will receive a random generation of the appropriate weapon type.



Find all the shotgun parts.
  • Shotgun body: 0/1
  • Shotgun magazine: 0/1
  • Shotgun stock: 0/1
  • Shotgun barrel: 0/1
"There are components to a shotgun scattered around. If you find all of these components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Magazine, Stock, and barrel."


Hop in a runner and travel to the area marked on your map.
  • Magazine: The magazine is located on top of the structure just behind the Catch-a-ride. Park at the station, go through the fence, on your immediate right are boxes to jump on. Jump onto the brown structure. Text: It'll do in a pinch.
  • Stock: The stock is on a box on the other side of the water. Go across the metal cat walk and you should see it on a crate next to the building. Use that crate to jump onto the roof. Text: A previous owner's initials are carved into it.
  • Barrel: The barrel is on top of the structure which is next to the vending machines. From here face exactly NE and you will see the last piece on top of another structure. Text: It looks like some insects were nesting inside.
  • Body: The body is on a structure which is similar to the structure the magazine was on. From the top of the structure you are now on, make a running jump to the domed building on the right (as you are facing the water) and then do a running jump onto the platform. This can be complicated and may take a few tries but it is possible. It can be made easier by equiping an high explosive gun, aproaching the run-up from the domed roof looking downwards, then firing the gun mid-jump Text: It just might work.
The jump can be made easier with Brick: the faster movement while Berserk translates to a further jump.
An easier approach is to get on the other side of the fence by going back across the water, down and across the water again and back up. Approach the end of the fence where it goes into the rocks and jump as if trying to get on top of the end of the fence. You will land half-way up, but from there you can jump onto the top of the fence, then just walk across the fence to the structure with the shotgun body. You may get targeted by a distant turret doing this, but you can either ignore it or have a little fun and take it out.
An even easier approach is to get near to the building and jump until you see the Green Trophy sign. As soon as you see it (usually during mid jump) simply press X (on 360) as it appears and you will grab it.


"Great! Here is your shotgun, good as new."

Video Walkthrough


Additional Information


  • Some of the parts of the shotgun may spawn in a different order, but all locations are the same. Don't be surprised if you find the barrel where the stock should be.
  • Follow the marker on the map. The marker is indicative of the general location for all pieces. All pieces of the shotgun can be found near the marker.
  • Their exact location is shown by the little moneybag on your compass!

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