Scavenger: Submachine Gun is a scavenger mission given out by the New Haven Bounty Board


This is one of the six Scavenger missions offered throughout the game. Players are given a mission to collect 4 parts of a weapon - these missions require a little searching, as the waypoint markers only provide a general location for each of the parts. Once the pieces are collected, and the mission turned in, players will receive a random generation of the appropriate weapon type.


thumb|300px|right|Video Walkthrough Collect 4 pieces of the submachine gun and return the pieces to the New Haven Bounty Board.


Find all of the submachine gun parts.
  • SMG Body: 0/1
  • SMG Magazine: 0/1
  • SMG Sight: 0/1
  • SMG Barrel: 0/1
"There are components to submachine gun scattered around. If you find all the components, I can reassemble the weapon for you. Bring me the Body, Magazine, Sight, and Barrel."


The general location that the waypoint leads is at the south edge of Rust Commons West. The quickest Fast Travel is the Outeryard. Near the waypoint marker are metal connexes blocking vehicle traffic. From here the first piece can be seen.

  • Barrel: The barrel is on top of a metal connex just inside the opening, and can be reached from atop the connex.
Looking northwest another piece is visible at eye level on top of the curved overhang. Directly west is a fence with a closed gate. This will open after a few bandits near the gate are killed.
  • Magazine: is in the tire on the ground.
  • Body: The body is on a roof of the first floor of the building. This is accessed via the gate and heading right,  up around the slope and up the ramp to get on top of the second floor of the building, then jumping down to the roof of the first floor.
  • Sight: The sight is sitting on a cot on the overhang. From the first floor roof of the building, jump to the top of the column east of the building, then jump across to a ledge protruding from the overhang, then quickly jump to the overhang.


"I was able to assemble those parts into a complete weapon. Here's your new machine gun. Enjoy!"

Additional Information


  • Some of the parts of the weapon may spawn in a different order, but all locations are the same.
  • The marker is indicative of the general location for all four pieces. There are no specific markers for each piece. Their exact location is instead shown by the little money bag on the compass.
  • It is possible to save before turning in the mission once all the parts are collected. This can effectively allow players to reset the turn-in until a good SMG is received.


  • SMG Body: If I said this was an amazing body, would you hold it against me?
  • SMG Magazine: It's in excellent condition, believe it or not.
  • SMG Sight: Some assembly required.
  • SMG Barrel: This'll be a barrel of laughs when it's done.

Nearby Missions

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