Science and Violence is the ninth story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Retrieve scientists: 0 / 3
  • Find first colleague
  • Go to observation area 11-B
  • Find family photo
  • Return to Doctor Langois
  • Return family photo
  • Find second colleague
  • Drain aquarium
  • Open aquarium door
  • Grab teddy bear
  • Return teddy bear
  • Find last colleague
  • Find keycard
  • Unlock door
  • Return to Doctor Grayson
  • Take cloaking device
  • Return to Jack's office
  • Talk to Jack
  • Give Jack cloaking device
  • Lock door



Rescue the other scientists.

Well... that just happened. You can handle your moral dilemma (or lack thereof) later, though. You need to get moving.

Turn In: Jack


  • There is a bug that makes it impossible to interact with the third scientist after knocking on the window into the room that he stands in, thus making it impossible to finish the mission. One possible workaround is to wait for enemies to respawn, and clear the room again; this might "wake the scientist up".

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